03 Jun CMF Energy Efficiency Day

CMF is pleased to confirm the details of an Energy Efficiency Day taking place on the Thursday 4th of July 2019.


Free to attend for CMF Members


Thursday 4th July 2019


Aston Hall Hotel

Worksop Road



S26 2EE



Ryan Machin & Diane SharpeLG Energy Group  

Energy Masterclass to discover the benefits of Flexible vs Fixed Energy Procurement.

By choosing flexible energy procurement you can benefit from a fully transparent view of the non-commodity charges, enjoy a wider view of the energy market with proactive buying, better negotiation and risk management strategies and full budget certainty.


Ian Scattergood –  Energy Management Ltd

The no cost/low cost energy efficiency options available to businesses, along with key focus on energy data management, sub-metering and the benefits this can bring.


Blaise Ford – Inverter Drive Systems

The need to reduce energy usage, how inverters can support energy reductions, how an inverter works and typical cost savings and payback times.


For any further information and questions, please contact admin@cmfed.co.uk or tel: 0121 6016397.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason