15 Mar Innovating in the Re-use of Foundry Sand and Spent Investment Casting Shell Workshop – 26 March 2019

The CMF is looking forward to meeting with colleagues from the materials, building and design communities at an Innovation Workshop being facilitated by Innovate UK, the KTN and BEIS later in March.

The aim to explore how the UK foundry industry, with partners from outside the sector, can work together to develop applications that would allow the greater re-use of spent foundry sand and spent investment casting shell materials.   The latter in particular is generally inert and has good properties for use in construction, as just one example.  Many foundries do reclaim sand for re-use but this is not possible in all cases.  Sand and shell still go to landfill, adding cost to the foundry and traffic on the roads.

Changes in technology mean that it has become easier and more economically viable to recover and re-use foundry sand within the foundry process but there are still foundries who are not able to recover their sand for a variety of technical, economic and logistical reasons and there is still waste sand generated from the process that goes to landfill.  Likewise spent shell, which consists of alumina, fused silica and zircon, is not typically reused.

Pam Murrell, CMF CEO said, “Clearly we know that this is not a new topic but feel that there are opportunities to further increase our resource efficiency. In terms of metal, the foundry industry already has a great record – we play a key role in recycling and, indeed, upcycling scrap metal and turning it in to new components for all sectors of the modern world.   In terms of sand and shell then there is more that could be done. The economics of both re-use and disposal of these mineral resources do change over time and with the greater focus nationally on the circular economy, through the recent publication of the Resources and Waste and Strategy for England (DEFRA), this is an ideal time for us to re-visit the subject and take fresh new look at what might be possible.”

The workshop is being held on 26th March 2019 at the BEIS Conference Centre in Westminster, London.  More information on the event and details of how to register are available from the CMF.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason