28 Mar II International Conference of Casting and Materials ICCME: 8th November 2019

The Faculty of Foundry Engineering of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Polish Foundrymen’s Association, you are welcome to take part in the  II International Conference of Casting and Materials ICCME 2019.

The Conference will take place on November 8th 2019 in Swing Hotel in Krakow, Poland.
It is devoted to Automotive Industry.



1. prof. Franco Bonollo, Padova University – Alloys and process challenges for high performance diecast components

2. prof. Gotthard Wolf, Bergakademie Freiberg – New materials for high temperature application for turbo charger houses and exhaust manifolds

3. dr Bożena Dudzik, Brembo Poland – Future sound castings with regards to castability

4. dr Thomas Kreuzinger, Volkswagen Poland – Effects and challenges of the future for the Volkswagen foundry Poznan as part of the new brand Volkswagen Group Components

The most important issues raised during the conference will be:


  • Casting
  • Crystallization of metals and alloys
  • Environmental protection
  • Computer modelling
  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanization and automation of processes
  • Surface modification
  • Rapid prototyping



  • Metals and alloys
  • Composite materials
  • Microstructure and properties of foundry alloys,
  • Moulding materials
  • Materials for 3D printing technology
  • Corrosion of materials
  • Recycling in foundry and metallurgy
  • Polymeric materials


Information about abstract submission can be found here 

Abstract registration is open until 30th September


Abigail Southall
Abigail Southall