05 Dec Cast Metals Industry Awards Dinner Celebrates the Best of British Casting

The cream of British casting came together for the 2018 Awards Dinner at a new venue to celebrate an industry that is currently very busy and continuing to innovate.

It was a night of good company, good food and drink and, most of all, good castings. Featuring guest speaker, maverick bike & truck racer, Steve Parrish, the evening went with a swing at its new venue, Wolverhampton’s former railway Grand Station.

Central to the evening was the presentation of the three awards, for Innovation, Company Achievement and Component of the Year.  Co-presented by Pam Murrell of the Cast Metals Federation (CMF) which organises the event, and Steve Parrish, the CMF Vice-Chair Stuart Gregory gave out the trophies to the winning companies.  Throughout the evening it was clear that this is an industry which is technically and commercially advancing, providing precision engineered solutions in cast metal and with investment in the people of the future as common themes.

The ‘Component of the Year’ award was won by Sarginsons Industries for its Jaguar Land Rover front sub frame, an 18kg aluminium component previously a ferrous fabricated and welded assembly produced in a remarkable time frame and to exacting requirements. The ‘Company Achievement’ award was won by Macdonald Diecasting, part of the Thomas Dudley Group, for its turnaround of the business and investment in both plant and people. The third award, for ‘Innovation’ was won by Omega Sinto y for their development of the secondary attrition greensand reclamation process.

“All of the entries we have heard about show that the UK cast metals industry continues to adapt and develop in the face of uncertainty,” said Pam Murrell at the end of the presentation. “The industry continues to innovate, invest and succeed, demonstrating great technical and commercial acumen on a regular basis. All this is happening throughout the industry and not just within our exemplars selected tonight and it should hold the industry in good stead as it looks to the future.”

Picture:L to R: Stuart Gregory, Vice Chair of CMF, Guest Speaker Steve Parrish,  Mark Fisher from McDonald Diecasting, Kevin Brierley from Sarginsons Industries, Mark Feynes, Omega Sinto and Pam Murrell CEO of the CMF .

Angela Mason
Angela Mason