05 Dec 1/2 Price Inverter & Installation – Exclusive Offer for a CMF Member – Now Extended

After receiving a few requests we have extended our offer registration date until 14th February 2019.

At IDS we have been highlighting massive energy savings and process efficiencies on a variety of applications in diverse industries for almost 20 years. We are keen to highlight to CMF members just how effective utilising inverters can be. To accomplish this we have an offer of *half price ABB inverter and installation.

The Process

First we will conduct an Energy Efficiency Motor Audit at your site. This will identify the applications that will benefit most from an inverter, it will also produce predicted energy and cost savings. We will present this data to you with our recommendations. Once the application is agreed we will install and commission the half price inverter at a mutually convenient time and monitor the energy consumption of the application, both before and after installation.

To find out more about this offer contact Leon Ball, IDS Technical Account Manager on 0115 944 1036 or by email sales@inverterdrivesystems.com.

*We regret this offer is only available to one member. All enquiries to register for this offer should be in by 21/12/2018. The offer is a half price ABB Inverter and half price Installation. The Energy Efficiency Motor Audit is always free of charge. By taking this offer you agree to the results of the exercise being used for marketing purposes (Case Study). Of course you will be able to review and approve the marketing collateral prior to publishing.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason