06 Sep CMF Reports Wage Increases across the Casting Sector

The Cast Metals Federation has now completed its survey of wages and salaries for the UK Casting Industry.  Previously only completed every three years, the survey is now being conducted annually and all those contributing foundries are able to use the data to inform any pay rises that are agreed as well as in recruitment discussions.

The results are separated into small, medium and large foundries and also by process, so separate data for sand, die and investment foundries, and this year (due to increased level of reporting), a comparison with data from the previous 12-month period has been included, as well as salary information and retention rates.

Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation notes, “In these times of change, I am pleased that we are have been able to introduce an annual survey for the industry.   In general, (but not universally) basic earnings, average hours worked, hourly rates and take home pay have all increased.  The results show that there have been salary increases across the board for many job roles and in companies of all sizes.  These increases come on the back of other upward cost pressure on foundries but may reflect improved production levels but also shortages in some specialist roles.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason