04 May Investment Sector visit to Wall Colmonoy

Members and guests of the CMF were able to hold their recent meeting as guests of Wall Colmonoy Limited near Swansea in South Wales and were able to enjoy a tour of the works as part of the day.

Wall Colmonoy Limited (WCL) is an advanced materials engineering company that manufactures precision castings (investment, sand, centrifugal) and machined components; Colmonoy® (Nickel) and Wallex® (Cobalt) for hard surfacing applications; and Nicrobraz® (Nickel) brazing alloys for high temperature joining of metals.  In addition, WCL offers specialised services of brazing, welding and heat treatment of components for automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, food, steel and many other industrial sectors.

Specialising in high value materials such as nickel and cobalt alloys, the company is continuously seeking ways to improve and takes a collaborative approach to working with customers to achieve efficiencies through fewer replacement parts, less downtime, waste, material usage and lower energy consumption.

Over the last three years the company has taken a root and branch approach to overhaul of its production, quality and health safety systems through a whole company approach, attention to detail and strategic investments in plant and machinery, including machining capability.  Several new managers have been appointed to the team focused on continuous improvement and profitable growth, and the company has also developed a training programme for all employees as well as an apprentice development programme with links with local schools, colleges and Universities.

In welcoming the guests, Steph Curtis, Managing Director, said ‘We are pleased to be able to share our experiences with others from the industry – as a company we are very specialist and we are focused on listening to our customers in order to meet their specific needs.  We are constantly developing products and applications in partnership with our customers – applying the skills and experience of our talented engineers and metallurgists.  We have developed our own training and development programmes to improve the way we operate, protect the health of the workforce and continue our collaborative approach to working with customers.  I am very optimistic about the future”.


Angela Mason
Angela Mason