02 Feb Cast Metals Federation Award for Innovation

Celebrating the achievements of Hall and Botterill and Wheelabrator

During a recent visit to Hall & Botterill, the Cast Metals Federation’s Chief Executive Pam Murrell was able to present ‘over the moon’ company MD Alex Paterson with the winner’s trophy and certificate, as Alex had been unable the attend the Awards Dinner last year.

Innovation is at the heart of everything that the small aluminium diecaster undertakes and the unique robot fettling cell designed and built in house has reduced the real time of processing a casting through all the cutting, fettling, linishing etc. elements from 3 days to around 37 seconds enabling the company to get the castings out the door quicker. In addition the innovative approach to hydraulic ring cooling using water from their onsite well across all of the company’s die packs was recognised by the judges.

The picture also shows Clifford Parr, Wheelabrator’s President & Chief Operating Officer receiving a Highly Commended Certificate in the Innovation category for its COMET HD blast wheel which redefines performance for more efficient, reliable and less wasteful surface preparation.

The 2017 Cast Metals Industry Dinner will be held on Thursday 23 November.

Picture legend: Dr Pam Murrell, CMF, presenting the trophy and certificate to winners Alex Paterson of Hall and Botterill (left) and to Clifford Parr (right) of Highly Commended company, Wheelabrator.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason