05 Jan CMF Council Members 2017


We are pleased to detail below for your information a full list of the current CMF Council Members: –

Wendy Bennett  (Lost Wax Developments Ltd)

Simon Alexander  (William Cook Ltd)

Council Members
David Gawthorpe (Castings plc)
Stuart Gregory  (Petrofer UK plc)
Peter Harpin  (Charter Castings Ltd)
James Leppington  (The Brockmoor Foundry Co Ltd)
David Morson  (Blayson Olefines Ltd)
Pam Murrell  (Cast Metals Federation)
Mike Naylor  (Durham Foundry Ltd)
Richard Newby  (Newby Foundries Ltd)
Howard Pickard  (LBBC Technologies)
Peter Radcliffe  (CastAlum Ltd)
Phil Rawnson  (MRT Castings Ltd)
Sam Scholes  (Furniss and White Foundries Ltd)
Martin Shenton  (James W Shenton Ltd)
Andrew Siddons  (Joseph & Jesse Siddons Ltd)
John Small  (Foseco UK)
Stuart Virgo  (Stone Foundries Ltd)
Tom Westley  (Westley Group Ltd)
Paul Withey (Rolls Royce plc)

Should you wish to contact CMF Council Members then please contact the CMF office admin@cmfed.co.uk . Comments, suggestions and enquiries can be passed on.

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell