Wall Colmonoy Ltd (UK)

Wall Colmonoy Limited (WCL) is a South Wales based foundry offering a wide range of nickel and cobalt based alloy castings (sand, investment, centrifugal, vacuum) in the as cast form or fully machined into precision components. Utilising the latest casting simulation software WCL works with its customers to offer optimal design solutions. WCL also manufactures an extensive range of nickel and cobalt based powdered alloys and high temperature brazing filler metals, and has a processing facility for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, welding, thermal spraying and HVOF. WCL has invested in a world class laboratory with state of the art analytical equipment including: ICP- OES chemical analyser, SEM/ EDS Microscope, TGA/DSC analyser, Malvern M4 image analyser, Digital Microscope and FT4 Rheometer.

Wall Colmonoy Ltd (UK)

Wall Colmonoy Ltd (UK)
Alloy Industrial Estate

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 862287
Fax: +44 (0) 1792 869474
Email: sales@wallcolmonoy.co.uk
Website: www.wallcolmonoy.com

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