Terrill Bros. (Founders) Ltd.

Specialists in small scale repetition, and ‘jobbing’ casting requirements, Terrill Bros manufacture castings in reliably short lead-times, at consistently high quality levels, for both frequently and infrequently required batches.

Stainless steels are the bulk of output, but our range of materials/expertise varies from nickel based alloys, super austenitic steels, duplex and ‘super’ duplex steels, all the way through to low alloy and basic carbon steels.

Markets served include pumps, valves, and general components for the food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries as well as many other demanding environments.

We can make castings up to approx. 500kg, but more typically the size range is between 5 and 100kg.  We have a full range of on-site NDT facilities including optical emission spectrometer for chemical analysis and dye-penetrant testing, all carried out by ASME certified staff. All other testing requirements is obtained from our sub-contract Test Houses.

Accreditations include ISO 9001:2015

Terrill Bros. (Founders) Ltd.

Terrill Bros. (Founders) Ltd.
2, Guildford Road Industrial Estate
TR27 4QZ

Tel: +44 (0)1736 752168
Email: sales@terrill-bros.co.uk

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