These are the marks of quality manufacturing and sound, long-term business partnerships in any field, but especially so in the medical device market.  At our core, Tecomet services and fulfills the needs of the Medical Device and Orthopedics industries to provide high quality medical products and solutions for leading MedTech companies and end-users.

And we’ve been doing it for decades.

Tecomet is a leading metal and materials innovator and contract manufacturer.  We employ almost 2,500 employees, operate globally across 16 campuses and over 21 facilities, and feature unmatched metal converting expertise through forging, casting, machining, additive, and other finishing technologies.

We are the largest contract manufacturer to the orthopedics industry and a top 10 leader for medical device.  We feature leading positions across large joint, spine, extremities and trauma, CMF, minimally invasive, and laparoscopic surgical markets.  Permanent implants, robotic surgery instruments, custom delivery systems and packaging solutions – we fulfill these all to the most exacting tolerances and standards, and with a quality record and reputation that confer security and trust.

We innovate through our own product portfolio, and offer full design and development services and regulatory solutions for our customers through our LaunchRight™ Innovation Center and paradigm.

Small and large, for both the challengers and established hegemons – Tecomet is your steadfast partner.


6 Beulah Road
S6 2AN
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 114 285 5881
Email: sales@tecomet.com
Website: www.tecomet.com

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