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Sarginsons is the most technically sophisticated aluminium diecaster in the UK.

At the forefront of aluminium diecasting for 80 years, we’re one of the few European companies to offer low pressure diecasting, sandcasting and gravity diecasting in a single foundry. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve even the most complex diecasting challenges quickly and cost effectively, so you receive exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our skilled engineers work with you from prototype design through to finished casting to optimise the manufacturing process for your component, production run, time scale and budget

Sarginsons have strong links with the UK’s leading academic organisations.

We are strategic partners at Brunel Universities Advanced Metals Casting Centre in liquid Metal Engineering (LiME) based at Brunel University in collaboration with the University of Oxford, University of Leeds, University of Manchester and Imperial College London.

Research partners in Jaguar Land Rover’s EPSRC research in to lightweight crash management systems (LEAAST) Lightweight Energy Absorbing Aluminium Structures for Transport.

Business partners with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) Academy for Young Engineers, delivering metallurgical teaching for all year 12 students.

Sarginsons Industries Ltd

Sarginsons Industries Ltd
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