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Sarginsons is the most technically sophisticated aluminium diecaster in the UK.

At the forefront of aluminium diecasting for 85 years, we’re one of the few European companies to offer low pressure diecasting, sandcasting and gravity diecasting in a single foundry. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve even the most complex diecasting challenges quickly and cost effectively, so you receive exactly what you need, when you need it.

As thought leaders, we are a technology consultancy as well as a leading European foundry, able to design and deliver exceptional components while shaping the future of casting technologies. The depth of our knowledge means we can overcome complex casting challenges leading to significant reductions in development and manufacturing costs.

Our advanced metallurgy and casting techniques create exceptional lightweight components, especially for electric and hybrid cars. These are transferable technologies and we are already developing lightweight solutions for oil and gas, aviation, trains and wind turbines with other ground-breaking applications of our technologies in progress.

Sarginsons is a lead partner at the leading UK academic research centres specializing in advanced metallurgical and manufacturing research.

We have invested more than £10m in R&D over the last six years and that investment is going to increase over the next five years. This investment has enabled our world class team of engineers both to pass on their expertise and be instrumental in the acquisition of new knowledge.

The Sarginsons Technology Centre ensures that our Design for Manufacturing capability is the best in the industry and that every project we deliver is scoped and executed to maximise the commercial benefit for our clients. Our process ensures that product quality and cost effectiveness are optimised at all times.

When we say, therefore, that we lighten your load, we are not simply referring to the benefits of our low pressure diecasting. We also lighten the operational and financial load that complex manufacturing processes can place on businesses.

Sarginsons Industries Ltd

Sarginsons Industries Ltd
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