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About Ryobi

The Ryobi Group was founded as a die casting company in Japan in 1943. The Ryobi Group has expanded steadily to include multiple manufacturing facilities across Japan, China, USA, Mexico, Thailand, and Europe. Ryobi Aluminium Casting UK Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Ryobi Aluminium Casting UK Ltd produces aluminium components using the high pressure die casting process for the automotive industry. The local engineering teams in the UK work with the Ryobi Group headquarters  to bring the global expertise and almost 80 years of die casting knowledge to the European market. Our current customers include Volkswagen, PSA Group, Jaguar Land Rover and Magna.


Ryobi Aluminium Casting UK Ltd is certified to ISO 14001 and is committed to preserving the environment through sustainable manufacturing practices. We continually monitor and reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and waste by setting long and short term goals. Our commitment has been recognised through national awards for gas energy and environmental management. A major achievement was introducing a combined heat and power (CHP) plant to produce onsite heating and electricity. Through improvements in the casting process and materials technology, aluminium die cast components have replaced cast iron for a number of powertrain and structural applications. Using light alloy die casting helps to reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel consumption, and reduce vehicle emissions. The aluminium high pressure casting process allows for the production of near net shapes increasing the process yield and ensuring sustainability. The aluminium components can be readily recycled at the end of the vehicle lifetime.

What makes Ryobi different

Ryobi Aluminium Casting UK Ltd offers a complete casting solution using in-house expertise and the expanded capabilities of the Ryobi Group for global engineering support. All aspects of the casting process are supported within the Ryobi Group from prototype parts and design for manufacture through to machining, assembly, and finishing. Ryobi have tooling design and manufacturing facilities in Japan and China to produce high pressure casting dies for all group companies, all of the dies produced incorporate the latest technology including patented Ryobi developed vacuum systems. Ryobi have a dedicated R&D department to develop in-house technologies with a current focus on thin wall design, electric vehicle components, and 3D printing of casting dies. Recent developments in weight reduction, zero draft angle casting, and additive manufacturing are passed on to our customers allowing them increased design flexibility and giving them a competitive advantage. Our simultaneous engineering approach using the latest CAD and CAE methods develops the product, process, and tooling in parallel. This helps to reduce the project lead-time and improves part quality at launch. Communication and transparency with the customer is key at all stages of the process.

Ryobi Aluminium Casting (UK) Limited

Ryobi Aluminium Casting (UK) Limited
5 Meadowbank Road
Trooperslane Industrial Estate
Co Antrim
BT38 8YF
Northern Ireland

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9335 1043
Email: sales@ryobi.co.uk
Website: www.ryobi.co.uk

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