Meridian Lightweight Technologies United Kingdom (MLTUK)

We see ourselves as being the world’s leading supplier of innovative lightweight cast metal solutions for the transportation industry. Nothing will distract us from that mission, and every action we take is focused on achieving and maintaining that leadership position in the world.

But, in our push to be recognized by every automotive OEM in the world as the unquestioned leader in magnesium die cast design, engineering and technology, we never stray from our core values:

Meridian is the leading full service supplier of innovative magnesium die cast components and assemblies in the global automotive market.

    • World’s largest producer of magnesium components
    • Die casting magnesium since 1981
    • 1600 dedicated employees

  • 58 total die cast machines from 420 to 4400 tons
  • 22 die cast machines over 2500 tons
  • Over 450,000 ft² of manufacturing space
  • Over 40,000 net metric tons of product shipped annually
  • Many secondary machining, coating, and assembly capabilities that add value to our client partnerships

Meridian Lightweight Technologies United Kingdom (MLTUK)

Meridian Lightweight Technologies United Kingdom (MLTUK)
Orchard Way
Calladine Park
NG17 1JU

Tel: 01623 444920

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