Kilner & Hutchinson Ltd

Kilner & Hutchinson Ltd are a low to medium volume producer of Cast, Spheroidal Graphite Iron and Ni Resist castings based in Huddersfield Yorkshire.

We produce castings from .5 kg up to 2.5 tonne produced from various pattern set ups, and offer our customers complete supply from drawing to finish machined castings.

Castings produced for Oil & Gas, Canning, Automotive and Compressor industries.

Also our sister foundry Caddy Casting Ltd in Grantham Lincolnshire has green sand production facilities along with furane sand production. Volume capability of 10 to 15000 per annum dependant on castings size. Melting Cast Irons and Aluminium.

Kilner & Hutchinson Ltd

Kilner & Hutchinson Ltd
Emerald Street

Tel: 01484 426646
Fax: 01484 542931

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