H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd

H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd is an established, West Midlands-based foundry with over 100 years experience in producing malleable, ductile and grey iron castings for a range of different industries. We now also offer pressure die casting in zinc and aluminium.

We have retained a level of traditional skills whilst moving right up to date with disamatic moulding, producing small to medium sized castings to specification in low to medium volumes.

We are a fully flexible foundry capable of castings from 0.5kg – 150kg.

Our Manufacturing Processes & Facilities Include –

  • Disamatic Moulding
  • Greensand Moulding (pallet line)
  • Shell Moulding
  • Air Set Moulding (mould up to 150 kg)
  • Aluminium Gravity Die Casting
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Core Shop (Hot Box, Shell Rollover, Bench)
  • Full annealing department
  • Ferrous melting via 4 electric furnaces
  • Aluminium melting via 2 electric furnaces

We have also got a spacious greensand pattern stores to store customer tooling.

H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd

H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd
155 Stafford Street

Tel: 01922 633 511
Fax: 01922 633 515
Email: enquiries@hgoodwin.com
Website: www.hgoodwin.com

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