H. Downs & Sons Ltd

JOBBING FOUNDRY ~ Pattern Shop ~ Spectrograph Laboratory

Cupola and electric melting.

All ranges of iron alloys:

BS, EN, ASTM and other world standards.


Large melting capacity, producing castings up to 5 tonne

Grey Iron and Haematite up to 5000 Kgs

SG & Ductile Iron up to 4000 Kgs

Ni-Resists  5000 Kgs

Ni-Hards 750 – 5000 Kgs

The foundry is family owned and recently celebrated 70 years of trading. Generally a jobbing foundry utilising its own pattern shop, polystyrene and strikling to keep costs low.

Producing all high engineering castings; work pieces for aeronautics, non-magnetic irons for minesweepers, formers for radar dishes, compressor cylinders for bottle blowing, large gear wheels, slag moulds, machine tool beds, chemical pumps, gearboxes, as well as architectural work and statues for the world of Art.

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H. Downs & Sons Ltd
Peacock Works
Leeds Road

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Email: sales@hdowns.co.uk
Website: www.hdowns.co.uk

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