Foundry & Fabrication (Totnes) Ltd

Foundry & Fabrication is the largest aluminium foundry in the South West with over 50 years experience in making high quality aluminium castings for a variety of customers and applications.

We use three principal casting methods in our aluminium foundry: gravity die casting, and the two sand casting techniques – greensand and airset sand casting.

Gravity die casting is most suited to high volume batch productions, as the cost of the tool making stage (making the mould for the casting) is higher than with sand casting. The accuracy and consistency achieved even with fine detail, however, is worth it.

A consistently good batch of aluminium castings requires machining of the highest standard, and this is where Foundry & Fabrication excel. We have a state of the art machine shop that we have regularly updated and invested in over the years, offering full cnc milling and cnc lathe turning capabilities.

Foundry & Fabrication (Totnes) Ltd

Foundry & Fabrication (Totnes) Ltd
Babbage Rd

Tel: 01803 869400

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