Dean Group International

Specialising in investment casting with manufacturing facilities in Manchester, Dean Group International also provide fully risk managed and quality assured low cost China supply of higher volume investment castings, die castings, commercial grade investment castings, forged parts and MIM including additional processes of machining, heat treatment, assembly and various surface finishes.

With ISO and TS accreditations and UK stocking facilities, we ensure continuity of supply with full visual, dimensional, chemical analysis, and Mechanical testing. As well as having fast track rapid prototyping facilities in Manchester, we also provide 3D CAD design and product development support using our 3D CAD software and bespoke casting simulation package.

We have acquired extensive expertise in working with a wide cross section of industry sectors including oil & gas, specialist and mainstream automotive, rail, mining, renewables, aerospace, fire & safety, Military and many more with specific focus on Baseefa/Atex and other critical applications.

We are a long established family owned business founded in 1972 as Manchester Investment Castings. Our experience, continuous investments in our technology and focus on customer needs provided us with consistent year-on-year growth.

In the last 12 months we have invested into a new facility in Manchester where we offer high integrity Aluminium castings using our ELITE process to service the requirements of the Aerospace, Military, Motorsport and automotive industries.

Dean Group International

Dean Group International
Brinell Drive
Northbank Industrial Park
Greater Manchester
M44 5BL

Tel: +44 (0)161 775 1633

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