Ballantine Castings Ltd

Ballantine Castings Ltd. is a UK based Iron Foundry producing high quality, high integrity grey iron, ductile iron, aluminium and wear resistant castings to the architectural, engineering and construction sectors. Having been operational since the 1820’s, Ballantine Castings are one of the very few remaining operational iron foundries in the UK that can rightly claim to have helped shape the world we live in today

Our iron foundry and pattern shop specialises in the medium volume production of castings from 1kg-3 tonnes and our commitment to continual improvement and quality gives all our customers the highest standard of service without concession. We take pride in fusing modern engineering techniques with traditional iron foundry skills to deliver high quality castings to all of our clients in the UK and beyond.

We believe our architectural castings and street furniture catalogue gives commercial, private, domestic and public clients access to the single largest collection of architectural castings in the UK if not the world with around 250,000 patterns at our disposal.

We always welcome enquiries for new and specialist work and our technical sales team will be happy to deal with any enquiry.

Ballantine Castings Ltd

Ballantine Castings Ltd
Links Road
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