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Our Members

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 Cast Metals Federation
 National Metalforming Centre
47 Birmingham Road
West Bromwich
West Midlands
 B70 6PY
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Tel:+44 (0)121 601 6397
Fax:+44 (0)121 601 6391



In April 2001 the British Foundry Association, British Metal casting Association and the British Investment Casting Association joined together to form the Cast Metals Federation. This exciting development has given even more value services to foundries and suppliers to the industry. CMF can offer members the following benefits


·         A monthly market report to keep abreast of news and developments affecting the industry.

Information on the latest state of industry in the UK, European Union and Worldwide with items covering the  UK, European and  World economic situation, upcoming international projects and new and existing opportunities.


·         Stronger relations with UK government departments

The combination of BICTA, BFA and BMCA into CMF has focussed DTi and DEFRA to consult and involve the industry on a much increased frequency.  Funding initiatives are delivered through the CMF on a regular basis.


·         A comprehensive web site with an enquiry section featuring members only

Brand new web site giving increased interactive potential.  Enquiries for castings channelled through site. User friendliness improved.


·         Insurance advice with premium savings for members

Special arrangement with Country Mutual gives advantageous terms to Liability and other Insurance renewals. Free risk assessment to members by Country Mutual.


·         Business Support line

Telephone advice 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday on Tax, VAT, PAYE, Employment amd Personnel, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal.


·         Regional meetings

Meetings held at locations throughout the UK. Meetings are often combined with company visits and supplier presentations.


·         Regular open commercial forum and open technical meetings

Specifically targeted at investment casting, meetings held twice a year.  Venues are often at member suppliers and foundries. Talks on subjects of interest to members are featured.


·         Involvement in collaborative  research programmes tailored to foundrywork

Self Learning Defect reduction Software, Reuse of spent shelling material as landfill site linings, Ultrasonic ceramic core removal, Development of web based ordering and delivery system, Dimensional Stability of Ceramic Moulds (Completed),Cleanness Evaluation for metals. Innoclean Shell – Zircon substitution and waste management.


·         Seminars on subjects of interest i.e. energy saving

Subjects chosen and seminars arranged at members request.


·         Publications on investment casting and foundrywork at a reduced price

Comprehensive publications list, members purchases often at half normal publication cost.  Extension of publications list in progress with CD versions of recent market information available


·         Initiatives on statistics, lean manufacturing

In third year collecting comprehensive UK foundry statistics. Administer the MICE initiative on Lean Manufacturing. Host to various government sponsored initiatives.


·         Technical assistance

Help with various technical enquiries on any area of founding or subjects associated with founding or the industry.


·         Involvement with European legislation and initiatives.

Watch on European legislation – representation on appropriate committees and comment on proposed legislation.  Involvement of members where appropriate.  Updates through various CMF committees and by communication to members as appropriate.


·         Standards watch

Contact with UK, European and International standards agencies, evaluation of relevant standards issued, revisions etc and communication of outcomes to members. Purchase of standards from BSI at half price.


·         Environmental Watch

Representation on appropriate committees, early notification to members of impending legislation. Vigorous representation of member’s interests.


·         Representation on appropriate CAEF committees

Representation on main CAEF Committee and CAEF Investment Casting Committee – reports on the nature of UK foundry industry and UK statistics given.  Involvement in CAEF initiatives.


·         Active support to training initiatives within the industry

Involvement with the SEMTA - UK government training initiative.


·         Bespoke Training Programmes

Provision of tailored training programmes to the foundry industry which are targeted to specific individuals and delivered in company. Members catered for at cost.


·         Promotion of the use of castings

Active Promotion Committee developing initiatives in the industry and determining funding opportunities.


·         Organisation of regular conferences and instructional meetings (Workshops) on the techniques of investment castings.

Next BICTA Conference in 2007, meetings held twice a year on the science and practice of investment castings  Next workshop schedules for early 2006 in the UK.


·         Committees covering cost, training, health and safety.

Specialist committees meeting regularly and issuing information on costs (labour, electricity, gas, raw materials etc) involved in the foundry industry (contributors only will receive detail other members an outline). Other committees report on an interest basis.


·         Metal Price Watch

Monitoring and recording of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal prices  and availability.

Scrap price monitoring.


·         Networking opportunities.

Committees meetings typically attract 15 to 30 members giving excellent networking opportunities


·         Marketing and Statistical information

Comprehensive knowledge of industry enables outline information to be conveyed at no charge.  Comprehensive marketing investigations made for members at special rates.


·         Consultancy Work

Any aspect of consultancy to the foundry industry undertaken at special members rates.


NB: The CMF is happy to investigate the provision of services to members which is not detailed above



New members are encouraged and enquiries about membership should be made to the

CMF, National Metalforming Centre, 47 Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 6PY, UK                  Tel: +44 (0)121 601 6390   Fax: +44 (0)121 601 6391

Email: admin@cmfed.co.uk

Or visit the Cast Metals Website www.castmetalsfederation.com

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