01 Dec Cranfield University – The Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre (SMSC) – CMF’s latest University Member

The SMSC at Cranfield University, led by Professor Mark Jolly, FICME, focuses on developing sustainable solutions to real-world industry problems by adopting a systems approach to identifying and tackling root causes in an evidence-based manner.

With capabilities and expertise in a range of areas, including novel single shot casting capability for lower energy casting, process modelling software in casting to aid design, rapid prototyping, additive layer manufacturing capability, factory and process layout modelling as well as Life Cycle analysis and Materials selection software with Eco-audit capability, the department is keen to develop close relationships with the UK castings industry.

Focusing on post graduate teaching and industrially focused research the university has recently been awarded Cranfield University has been awarded £1.2 million to test and validate a new autonomous vehicle, which is being designed and built as part of the HumanDrive Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) project. The project was won by the HumanDrive consortium, of which Cranfield is a core partner, as a grant awarded from Innovate UK under the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV2) programme.  The University also runs an MBA in energy management and the through-life Engineering Services Centre which is a National Centre initially established with the funding from EPSRC and industry to provide world-class capability in the UK to deliver high value products with outstanding availability, predictability and reliability with the lowest life cycle cost.

Prof Raj Roy states “Cranfield University is playing a unique role in the advancement of transformational research, innovation and excellence in manufacturing. Our multi-disciplinary approach and strategic partnerships with global brands bring together world-class expertise in design, technology and management. We integrate fundamental materials science research with real world manufacturing processes, developing the technologies, systems and solutions of the future, in diverse sectors, such as aerospace, automotive and defence”.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason