15 Dec CMF Supports Safety & Health (SHIFT) Initiative

The recent SHIFT (Safety and Health In Foundries Target Initiative) Forum, organised and hosted by CMF, had over 60 people in attendance.  Covering a range of relevant topics including dealing with asbestos and industrial vacuuming – the latter being particularly topical with the current focus on control of dust and fumes in industrial workplaces.

66 notices had been issued to 31 foundries (up to 2 September) but only 11 were CMF &/or SHIFT Members.  In total there had been a total of 138 breaches – 57 for HASAWA.  Of the remaining 81, 46 were COSHH related, with others being related to WAHR, PUWER, MHSWR, WHSWR, VAWR, CLAW, MHOR or NAWR.

53 of the 81 breaches were reported to be for occupational health as opposed to safety.

The CMF actively supports members with information related to improving the health of workers in the castings industry and collects and collates statistics and data that inform future priorities.

For more information on SHIFT or for help on health and safety matters please contact Richard Heath at CMF.

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell