15 Dec CMF Contributes to Strategy for the Metals Sector

Through its involvement in the Metals Forum and UK Metals Council, the Cast Metals Federation, CMF, is continuing to contribute to a renewed impetus for the UK Metals Sector, acting to raise the profile of metals as part of the manufacturing supply chain, through a newly established, employer led, UK Metals Council.

Through the 5 active workstreams, each focusing on a different priority, CMF members are able to play an active role, contributing to a continued dialogue with Government.

As as an example, the Skills Workstream responded to the consultation on the apprenticeship levy.  An agreed coherent message was then submitted from the Metals Sector, alongside those from other national bodies that support business and manufacturing resulting in a number of the demands being achieved – for instance the voucher validity had been extended to 18 months, and large companies can now pass unused vouchers down to companies in their supply chain.

The Supply Chain group,with its very diverse mix of companies, is working to establish common priorities – larger companies have a very different view from those down the metals supply chain there are some common needs and wants so through collaboration and dialogue work will continue early in 2017 to define the supply chain and then agree these key priorities that can have a positive impact on all those in the sector.

With the impact of REACH expected to increase during 2017, the supply chain workstream has plans to establish a separate group to look at the impact of REACH on those in the metals sector.

Though the UK Metals Council, CMF members are able to help ensure that the UK captures the maximum value from its manufacturing, construction and infrastructure supply chains, the the Metals Industry is placed at the heart of any future circular economy and the critical ingredients for long term success, such as skills and innovation, are embraced throughout the industry.

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell