28 Nov CMF hosts European Foundry Meeting

The Cast Metals Federation recently hosted a meeting of the CAEF (European Foundry Association) near Birmingham, with delegates attending from all around Europe.

The CAEF has recently established an Executive Committee led by Committee President, Mr Luis Felipe Villas-Boas, to oversee a review of the activities and priorities for the CAEF in light of the growing importance of the foundry industry to all other sectors of the manufacturing industry.
Speaking about the meeting, Dr Pam Murrell of the Cast Metals Federation, the UK member of CAEF, said, “There is recognition that the foundry industry is a strategically important part of the circular economy, taking as it does huge quantities of waste metal derived from cars, buildings and other sectors of the engineering industry and turning this waste into valuable new components – from engine blocks to turbine blades and from medical implants to pumps and valves. “The ever increasing pressures on the European foundry industry relating to environmental and health and safety legislation, and the need for a sustainable supply of energy and access to quality raw materials, alongside its continued importance as a supplier of components to all other sectors, means that the CAEF, representing 22 national foundry associations, has an important role to play.

“We share many common challenges across our national industries and CAEF provides a means to work together collect, collate and disseminate information about the European industry and to provide statistical and technical information to the European Commission and then back to the members on matters of strategic importance if Europe is to continue to have a strong and vibrant foundry industry”.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason