When it comes to training your brightest young technicians and new recruits in the technology of the castings industry, you need a course that informs, develops and helps turn technical, practical young staff into the team leaders and potential managers of the future.

The Casting Technology Diploma Course, being delivered by the ICME does just that, broadening their understanding of the processes and the fundamentals of the industry.

“The Diploma not only gave me a good grounding in the whole foundry industry but also into the chemistry and metallurgy’ of the process ‘and enabled me to learn skills that not only benefit me, but also my employer” said one learner who recently completed the course.

The two-year course, including a total of 64 days of study release, brings technical foundry and foundry supplier staff together to learn in a collegiate style forming a strong foundry-focussed learning environment.

If you remember what your apprenticeship did for you back in the day – that’s what the Diploma brings now.

The course costs £3375 + vat per annum, but there are a number of opportunities for funding support that you may be eligible for.

For more information on the Level 3 Diploma course, starting this September, please  contact Julia Cartwright, e: julia@icme.org.uk or tel: 0121-601-6979.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason