19 Feb Foundry Equipment for new Training Foundry: Meet the Buyer Event

A meet the buyer event took place on Friday 4 March 2016 for companies interested in hearing about the new training facilities that are planned for foundry and metal working.

The event was well attended by both foundries and suppliers.

The event was held to source equipment for melting, casting, moulding, sand reclamation, finishing, patternmaking as well as for additive manufacturing – indeed everything that you would expect to see in a modern teaching facility for foundry technicians.

This new Centre will include a new teaching foundry and associated patternshop, design suite and sand/met labs which will be used to support the training of the next generation of foundrymen and castings engineers – the so called ‘Casting the Future Foundry Spoke’.

Clearly this is a very exciting development for our industry.

For more information about the project please contact admin@cmfed.co.uk

Angela Mason
Angela Mason