20 Jan Voxeljet UK Ltd opened its doors to the investment casting Industry, Feb 3rd 2016.

Straight from the success at the CMF awards, Voxeljet UK Ltd launches its industrial services bureau in the UK. With significant capacity from three high speed large format printing systems, each with 1000 X 600 X 500mm build envelope, they can respond with printed parts within days whilst giving surprisingly low cost and high accuracy.

James Reeves, Managing Director of the UK, says, “our 3D printing systems are an order of magnitude larger than anything else available for investment casting. It gives us the ability to respond instantly and supply fast turnaround, very large one offs, or multiple production patterns within a couple of days.”

Voxeljet held a demonstration of this ground breaking technology by showing the total printing process from CAD to final castings being poured at a prestigious foundry. This was a unique opportunity to see some of the largest 3D printers in operation .

Voxeljet held a presentation / demonstration, within the Printing studio, and demonstrated the practical side to this process as well as the screen version.

Following the tour of Voxeljet there was a visit to NewPro Foundries Ltd to see a demonstration of some of the parts being cast at the Foundry.


Angela Mason
Angela Mason