11 Dec Cast Metals Federation supports a New Vision for the UK Metals Sector

The Metals Forum has unveiled a Strategic Approach for the UK Metals Industry at a national launch in London, attended by Business Minister, Anna Soubry MP.
The Strategy, produced by the UK Metals Forum, (an alliance of 10 metals related trade associations representing primary producers, those sectors that engineer components as well as metals recyclers), aims to revitalise Britain’s metals industry by boosting innovation, encouraging greater cross-sector collaboration, creating 150,000 new jobs and building a sustainable future for the industry. This will drive increased productivity and added value in the sector, which already plays a vital role in driving growth.

The sector employs 230,000 people directly, with a further 750,000 jobs being supported by the industry. These include many skilled jobs with good salaries, expertise which feeds into the wider UK high value manufacturing supply chain and which is vital for other sectors including the automotive, aerospace, energy and defence sectors. In the UK employees in the metals industries are highly productive, with an average employment cost of £32,000 per head, and gross value added per employee of £46,000; well above UK averages. The metals sector exported £17.7 billion in 2013, and imported £21.7 billion.
Speaking at the launch, The Business Secretary said “This is an important contribution at a time when many companies in the sector are facing pressures on their businesses. I have seen for myself how hard the sector is working in order to remain competitive in this challenging environment. This provides a timely and welcome analysis of the issues and the government will continue to work closely with the sector”.
Pam Murrell, Chief Executive of the Cast Metals Federation commented, “The publication of this strategy is the culmination of lot of good work by the sector, but this is now just the start as we work to implement and more forward together. The longer term procurement strategy of the UK, our energy policy, skills and training are just some of the areas where we look forward to partnering with Government. Metals have a bright future – we hear a lot about other materials but the permanent nature of metals, the fact that they can be used over and over again, retaining their inherent value, make them strategically vital for a modern. technologically advanced society”.

To find out more and read the strategy, visit www.metalsforum.org

Angela Mason
Angela Mason