20 Oct Castings Industry Awards 2015

This years Casting Industry Awards Dinner is now a sell-out!  Read what some of our previous winners have to say:

The Cast Metals Industry Awards 2015 is now closed for entries.  With three categories – Component of the Year, Company Achievement and Innovation of the Year – the awards highlight the very ‘Best of British’ casting and focus attention on the incredible achievements of UK foundries and suppliers.

With previous winners of the awards highlighting how much the awards have meant to their companies both internally in terms of recognition of the team, and externally in terms of creating interest and new sales opportunities, the awards are now an established part of the industry’s calendar.

The Cast Metals Federation is now taking entries for the 2015 Awards which will be announced at the Industry Dinner in November, and your entries must be completed by the 17th October 2015.

What Have Previous Winners Said?

Over the past 12 years of awards the winners have responded very positively to their success. Sheffield Forgemasters (winners of the Component of the Year in 2006 and 2012) commented that, “the real benefit to us was the morale boost to the teams who worked on the project, understood what a massive challenge it was and took pride in being recognised for their achievement.”

2013 Company Achievement award winner, PMS Diecasting, also highlighted the positive effect on the team of their win. “It is recognition of the efforts of the whole team here at PMS. All our employees are shareholders, we run a strong ongoing investment programme in our staff, and at every stage the workforce fully share, control and are responsible for improving the company, sharing in the profits and benefitting from its mutual success. So to have that success recognised by our own industry has been very positive.”

But the benefits have been external too. One of the early winners Meridian Technologies (which won Component of the Year in 2004 and 2005) referred to the benefits as “Priceless. Potential customers saw how we were recognised for our casting, and took notice of the objective confirmation of what we were doing really reinforced our own sales messages.”

Two of last year’s winners, Grainger & Worrall in the Component of the Year award and Blayson Olefines in the Innovation Category, also reinforce the advantages of winning their awards with strong comments regarding the opportunities that it brings.


You can enter into any or all of our award categories. Previous winners and shortlisted finalists have found the recognition very useful commercially, technically, promotionally and for boosting the enthusiasm of their staff so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The criteria for each of the awards is listed below;


For the foundry that has taken itself forward during the past 12-18 months. This could be through expansion, new technology, investment, training or success through a combination of these.

Large or small, the winner of the Company Achievement Award will show the changes it has made over the recent past to develop long term sustainable improvement in business performance. This might include changes in direction, focussing on specific areas of the business or seeking out new markets over the last twelve months. It is recognised however, that the planning and implementation of your strategy is likely to have occurred prior to this. The company will show how it has identified opportunities and developed a long term plan for success.

When assessing the nominations for this award, the judging panel will be seeking evidence to support the success of the business and in particular developments in technology, process, staff development or service that has brought new business to the UK.


This is awarded for the UK cast component that breaks new ground or resolves issues previously thought insurmountable. It might be a component that is bigger or smaller than previously thought possible; or that has enhanced properties or better performance characteristics. Alternatively it might replace a number of pressings, or fabrications in a single unit reducing cost for the customer and utilising the benefits of a casting to reduce cost/weight/machining or time out of a process.

Our panel will be particularly looking for components which increase the market for UK cast components by changing the way customers view the possibilities of the casting process.


This award will go to a company or partnership of companies, educational institution and/or research body that, through technical or new product innovation, have taken the UK cast metals industry forward. This might be through the introduction of a new material, process, service, or piece of equipment, which demonstrates a step forward in an area of the industry however specific. This may be in terms of improving the competitiveness, profitability, technical capability, safety or environmental aspects of our industry.

This makes it quite a broad award where, for example a new heat protection fabric might be up against a new metal alloy developed in partnership between a University and foundry where both can show how innovation is improving the cast metals industry.

Entry forms are available from the Cast Metals Federation. The final date for entries is 17th October 2015 and the award winners will be announced at the Casting Industry Awards Dinner being held in Meriden on Thursday 19 November 2015.

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell