Russell Ductile Castings

RDC were established as private company in 1984. Operating from a 6.5 acre site in Scunthorpe. Capability to produce 7000kg castings.

Wholly owned by Chamberlin & Hill, public company listed on the London Alternative Investment Market Chamberlin owns two other foundries in Walsall and Leicester under the Chamberlin brand.

RDC has two separate foundries on the Scunthorpe site, DC1 covers weights up to 7000kg and DC2 covers weights up to 500kg Metals RDC offers wide range of iron alloys including full range of SG and Grey, Compacted Graphite, Abrasion Resistant and Austentic Iron. Product Base Produce castings for turbines, transmissions, oil and Gas Compressors, earth moving equipment, vacuum pumps and machine tools, RDC uses chemically bonded sand systems, DC1 uses furan bonded sand while DC2 uses phenolic urethane.

The minimum batch size is 1 dependant on size with capability to produce volumes of up to 5000 per year.

Quality Approvals
ISO 9001:2008 currently in process of achieving ISO 14001 also have Lloyds register of Shipping foundry approval. Magma which is a computer aided solidification model, pattern making on site but usually for repairs, NDT testing including radiography, MPI, ultrasonic and dye penetrant, mechanical and chemical certification, heat treatment, chemical cleaning, shot blasting, surface coating and machining.

Specialise in ADI (Austemepered Ductile Iron), wear resistant and low temp iron alloy providing high integrity components for use railways/commercial vehicles/materials handling etc normally for safety critical components.

Russell Ductile Castings

Russell Ductile Castings
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